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The Endearing Character of Wood Urns

Warm to the eye and smooth to the touch, wood urns have a timeless appeal that soothes and comforts the bereaved. A product of nature molded in the hands of people, each one is lovingly constructed from planks of solid wood, and capable of bringing understated elegance to any memorial display founded in honor of the deceased. A restful focus for the bereaved at memorial services or on the mantelpiece at home, wood urns have an enduring and endearing character that makes them the most popular type of funeral urn available today.

The Life Cycle of Wood Urns

A selection of hardwoods and softwoods are procured from renewable forests for the construction of wood urns. These include oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, pine and walnut to name a few. All of these woods bring their own personality to the wood urns made, oak for instance delivering resilience and a classical feel to a wood urn, while cherry captivates through its rippling 'dark and light' grain.

Wood is cut from the planks of trees and shaped to the individual design of each of the wood urns. The wood urns are then hand assembled with the greatest of care, skilled carpenters and craftsmen insuring that each wood urn maintains a uniqueness of character. Some wood urns are adorned with stained finishes; these are used to accentuate the character and grain in each of the wood urns made.

Types of Wood Urns Available Online

Online, there are numerous wooden urns for the bereaved to choose from. Wood urns handmade from cherry are very popular throughout North America, as are wooden urns featuring characteristic warm hue finishes. Mahogany wood urns provide a natural warmth through their deep red-brown grain, while wood urns incorporating inlaid walnut work are well-liked too.

Wooden urns without doubt bring a demure sense of occasion to a memorial service, interment or scattering. As the grain of each wood urn is as individual in character as the life being mourned, then it seems only fitting that a wood urn is selected to memorialize the passing of a life.