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TSA Compliant Urns: Important Information About Silk Urns For Travel

In today's world air travel between cities and continents is commonplace. People do not have to think twice about traveling by air to spread the cremains of their dearly departed on the other side of the world. Post 9/11 however, airport security in many countries has been tightened. This has led to a number of awkward situations for the bereaved who have carried urns for travel which have failed to pass the x-ray scan at airport security.

TSA Approved Urns For Travel

To avoid security issues at the airport, it is recommended that suitable TSA compliant urns for travel be selected by the bereaved. TSA compliant urns are urns for travel that do not repel x-rays at security scanner checkpoints. Suitable urns for travel include silk urns constructed from fabric such as the ones available from It is advisable to avoid carrying non-compliant urns for travel that may attract unwanted attention from airport security. These include urns for travel that are constructed from or plated with copper, pewter and cultured marble.

If travelers are in any doubt as to what their urns for travel are constructed from, or if they are unsure as to whether they are carrying TSA approved urns then the cremated remains should be bagged, tagged and carried separately in temporary TSA compliant urns for travel.

Traveling by air with cremated remains requires a little advance planning. Contact a reputable online urn store that deals with TSA compliant silk urns and ask for advice on purchasing suitable urns for travel.