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Memorializing Loved Ones with Urns for Ashes

Memorialization of the deceased is an ancient practice that runs deep through human history. For as far back as historians and archaeologists can push our time on this Earth, memorialization of loved ones is seen as a constant theme. In Europe, burial mounds and urns for ashes dating back more than 4000 years provide us with a glimpse into this world - a world of memorialization that has lost none of its reverence over time.

Just as in ancient times, urns for ashes today provide an avenue for the bereaved to remember and honor the deceased. But unlike in centuries gone by, those who have suffered the loss of loved ones may now choose an ash urn from a grand selection of ready-made urns for ashes, deliverable by a parcel service within days of placing the order. Moreover, the sheer variety of urns available over the Internet allow the bereaved to select an ash urn for a particular purpose or to decide upon an ash urn that reflect the unique character of the deceased in life.

Urns for Ashes: A Final Resting Place

In memorializing loved ones with an urn for ashes, one of the most important decisions the bereaved must take is choosing a final resting place for the urn. Some families decide to keep urns of their dearly departed at home. It is often more practical however to decide upon a fixed memorial or place of interment for ash urns, especially in circumstances where other friends and family members of the deceased may want the opportunity to visit such a memorial. Options on the final resting place of urns for ashes include:

Cemetery: Many large public cemeteries accommodate urns for ashes. They often have several options available for the bereaved including interment of urns, placement of ash urns in niche gardens and placement of an urn in columbarium niches.

Private Memorial Garden: For a more personalized memorial you may consider constructing your own memorial garden at home where the urn of your loved one is buried. Alternatively, urns for ashes may form the centerpiece of an above ground private memorial.

Urn Garden: Urns for ashes may be accommodated in niche urn gardens. This generally involves interment of the ash urn in a designated plot. The bereaved may also wish to select a plaque that will serve as a permanent memorial in the garden.

Urns for ashes are central to the memoralization of those who have passed away. They provide the opportunity for us to celebrate the life of the deceased and to keep their memory alive for all time. May your loved ones rest in peace.