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An Introduction to Metal Urns

When choosing an urn to preserve the ashes of a loved one, metal urns demand serious consideration. Metal urns are resilient enough to retain their integrity when buried, and yet provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in the home or in a memorial garden. In short, metal urns are multipurpose, being suitable for a variety of dual uses around the home and garden.

Types of Metal Urns

Metal urns take on a variety of forms. Brass metal urns with plated or painted finishes constitute one of the most popular lines of metal urns available over the Internet today. Finishes on brass metal urns range from decorative silver and plated copper to smooth pewter and bronze. When fired with a brilliant enamel brass metal urns are transformed into highly decorative cloisonne metal urns. As with all metal urns, regular cleaning of brass metal urns will keep them in tiptop condition.

Solid bronze metal urns are well-suited for art pieces in the home. They come in two forms - cast bronze metal urns and sheet bronze metal urns. Cast bronze metal urns tend to be decorative pieces synonymous with artistic sculptures. A bottom opening plate attached by screws generally yields access to a compartment in which cremains can be placed. Sheet bronze metal urns are developed from solid sheets of bronze in a process that retains the rigidity of the sheets used. These types of metal urn may be identified by their angular dimensions, rigid sides and often by their smooth and shiny golden appearance.

Two other types of metal urns worthy of note include the stainless steel metal urn and the spun metal urn, the latter of which is formed using different metal alloys. These types of metal urns provide for a more modern and contemporary look - perfect if you are looking to place your metal urn at the heart of an indoor or outdoor memorial.

Simple in design and beautiful to look at, metal urns are truly worthy of their place in any memorial garden or cemetery, or for that matter, on the mantelpiece at home.