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A Final Resting Place for Memorial Urns

Memorialization is a part of human nature. From performing rituals to the scattering of cremated remains from memorial urns, people have honored those who have passed away since time immemorial. For many, the act of memorialization provides stability in the months and years following the death of a loved one. Simple memorial urns in which the cremains of the deceased are placed also affords a platform for the bereaved from which a new life can be built.

No matter what task is chosen of a memorial urn, there will come a time when the bereaved must decide on a final resting place for their memorial urn. There are many options open to the bereaved including burial of memorial urns, above ground memorial displays in which the memorial urn is the focus, and the scattering of ashes from memorial urns.

Burial of Memorial Urns

Burial or interment of memorial urns is a popular route to closure chosen by the bereaved. This involves placement of the memorial urn containing the cremains in a pit or grave, the exact site being permanently marked by a headstone, memorial plaque or other memorial marker. Burial of memorial urns can take place in a public or private cemetery, in a memorial garden or in the bereaved's own garden. It is important to note however that some state laws restrict where memorial urns can be buried.

Above Ground Memorial Displays

Memorial urns may be placed above ground in a memorial display. This could be a display in a public memorial gardens, in a dedicated memorial urn garden or in the bereaved's own garden. Alternatively, memorial urns may be placed in a columbarium niche or mausoleum.

Scattering of Ashes from Memorial Urns

Scattering the cremated remains from memorial urns in a place of significance is an increasingly popular way for the bereaved to seek closure. Scattering from memorial urns may be performed in designated places on land or out at sea. Before choosing to scatter from a memorial urn it is advisable to seek permission from the landowner. You should also check local and state laws as some areas have strict guidelines in place. Once emptied, memorial urns could be engraved and put on display in the home as a reminder of those who have passed away.

Memorial urns form a salient and meaningful way in which to celebrate the life of those now departed. If you would like to memorialize a loved one, a memorial urn offer a succinct means of doing so.