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The Timeless Appeal of Marble Urns

Few natural materials in this world capture the imagination like marble does. The swirling texture, delicate hues and brecciated surface of a marble urn draws the eye in, captivating the viewer as if it were a fine piece of art. In truth, marble is nature's art - a natural stone that represents a collage of Earth's processes over millions of years. What material could be more befitting for the memorialization of a life?

Marble urns are available in a variety of colors and styles. There are red marble urns veined with pink and purple hues, gray marble urns with delicate concentric black veins and even marble urns sporting crystallized fossils over their surfaces. Every marble urn is one-hundred percent natural in its creation, the differences in color and veining of the marble urns being a reflection of the unique combination of natural forces that each type of marble has been subjected to.

Why Are Marble Urns Popular?

Marble urns are popular amongst bereaved families who wish to memorialize their dearly departed. They provide a grand and very distinct focus to any memorial service held after cremation, and marble urns without doubt bring reverence to a memorial garden. As you would expect from any item made of a natural stone that has been forged in the intense heat of Earth's fiery processes, marble urns are hard-wearing, durable and unlikely to succumb to the rigors of the weather. At almost half the cost of cloisonne urns, marble urns represent good value too - yet another reason why the marble urn enjoys enduring popularity.

A marble urn is a truly befitting way in which to honor the spirit of those that have departed this Earth. Hand in hand with nature, a marble urns offer sanctuary inside one of nature's finest creations. May your loved ones rest in peace.