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The Unique Character of Glass Urns

Glass urns are truly unique articles that succinctly lend themselves to the memorialization of the deceased. Natural variability in the texture and color of the glass during the production process of glass urns affords each glass urn a uniqueness of character that is as individual as the life being memorialized. Add to this the fact that glass urns are hand blown by skilled craftspeople, and you have an exclusive object that is as much a piece of art as it is a memorial urn in which cremated remains are kept.

How Glass Urns Are Made

A glass urn begins life in the arms of nature. Sand is melted down to make molten glass, cullets (scrap glass) being added to the mix to create volume. The inclusion of various chemical elements into the molten glass produces the colors that are so vivid in many of the glass urns available for sale today. Cobalt breeds a vibrant blue glass urn, chromium the distinctive emerald green glass urns and manganese gives life to warm purple glass urns. There are of course many other chemical elements used besides these three, the comprehensive range of glass urns that run through the entire color spectrum being evidence of this fact.

Buyers may notice characteristic swirls and random flowing lines incorporated within the bodies of the more exquisite glass urns in a store's collection. This is a product of the large mixing arms that stretch and spread the included colorants through the molten mix of glass. As can be seen in the resulting glass urn, this technique achieves individual beauty that is unsurpassed.

The hand blowing process of glass urns is an art form in its own right. Hand blown glass urns attain their shape through breath drawn from the lungs of skilled artisans. Molten glass is captured on the end of a blowpipe through which the creator blows air. The glass expands under pressure from the growing air pocket and so a glass urn is born, complete with random miniature air bubbles caught on the surface of the glass urn itself. Various techniques are then employed to enhance the lines and character of each glass urn as the object cools.

As distinctive and singular in appearance as any handcrafted memorial urn could be, a glass urn truly has a personality all of its own. For the bereaved, glass urns have an aura about them that perfectly reflects the attributes of the deceased in life, rendering glass urns graceful objects befitting of their place at the heart of any memorial display.