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Funeral Urns: The Pathway to Remembrance

No matter how much we prepare for it, losing a loved one is never easy. Very rarely do we get the chance to say good-bye, and before we know it the moment of cremation is upon us. Coming to terms with a life lost is a process that may continue after cremation and is a valid reason why the bereaved should choose to place the cremains of their loved ones in a funeral urn.

Funeral urns can provide breathing space for the bereaved. They create time to reflect on a life gone by and time to plan for a new life ahead. In essence, funeral urns empower the bereaved to seek closure, while at the same time granting comfort and a chance to remember. Although the funeral urn may be kept at home, many people choose interment for their loved one's funeral urns or decide to create a memorial with the funeral urn as the focus in a place special to them and the deceased. Both the creation of a memorial or the interment of a funeral urn can take place in a memorial garden, cemetery or columbarium. Others choose to scatter the ashes from their funeral urns over land or out at sea as a way of attaining closure. In today's modern world it is even possible to scatter the ashes from funeral urns in outer space.

Types of Funeral Urns

When choosing funeral urns, many people decide upon an urn that compliments the persona of the deceased or an urn that captures the essence of how the deceased is best remembered. There are a wide range of funeral urns available for the bereaved to choose from at offline and online stores - online stores generally offering the best prices. Funeral urns available include wood, marble, ceramic and cast bronze to name a few materials. Designs range from decorative pieces to funeral urns carrying certain themes, such as golf scenes and depictions of anglers. It is also possible now to purchase a biodegradable funeral urn that gently release the cremains out at sea or once interment has taken place.

Regardless of the type of funeral urn you choose to purchase, the one thing that you are guaranteed is a pathway to remembrance of your loved one. All that now remains is for you to settle upon a befitting funeral urn that best captures the essence of your dearly departed.