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Funeral Cremation Urns: A Focus for Moving Forward with Life

The death of a family member is an ordeal that most of us will go through more than once in our lifetimes. Dealing with such a loss and the range of emotions experienced in the minutes, hours, weeks and months afterwards is possibly the toughest challenge that we'll face. Funeral cremation urns can help bring a focus to our lives in these cruel times, guiding us back to a life full of energy and meaning.

Memorialization Through Funeral Cremation Urns

Life is about moving forward - and one of the biggest steps that we can take in this direction after the loss of a loved one is to organize a memorial. Funeral cremation urns are just one such route to memorialization. They provide a channel for our emotions and release us (albeit partly) from the heavy burden that we carry.

Ideally, a funeral cremation urn should be chosen before the deceased is cremated. Some family members who have planned their own funeral may have pre-selected the type of funeral cremation urn they would like. This is positively encouraged as it removes some of the stress from the shoulders of the bereaved in the time between death and cremation.

Funeral cremation urns should be given to the funeral director before the funeral service takes place. The funeral director can instruct cremation staff to prepare the funeral cremation urn with the cremated remains on behalf of the family. If a funeral cremation urn is not chosen before cremation, the crematory will place the cremated remains in a temporary container.

Types of Funeral Cremation Urns

There are many types of funeral cremation urns for bereaved parties to choose from. These include wood urns, religious urns and funeral cremation urns made from hand turned marble. All are suitable for display as part of a larger memorial, or as an individual memorial in celebration of the life of the deceased.