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Crematory Urns for Interment and Inurnment

Cremation is fast becoming the preferred funeral arrangement for many people in North America. It offers a clean, simple and affordable alternative to casket burials and is perceived as a process more in harmony with nature. Cremation though is not closure for the bereaved. The cremated remains of the deceased are returned by the crematory to the family and so it is important that a suitable crematory urn of sufficient capacity are supplied to the crematory in advance of cremation.

Once a crematory urn containing the remains is received by the bereaved, choices have to be made as to what to do with the crematory urn. The basic options are interment of crematory urns or inurnment of crematory urns. Ashes may also be scattered from crematory urns - an increasingly popular choice for final disposal of the cremated remains.

Interment of Crematory Urns

Interment of crematory urns is the act of burying the crematory urn below ground. This can be done at a family burial plot on a cemetery or in a memorial garden. In both instances, memorial plaques may be purchased as a permanent marker for buried crematory urns, or in the case of interment of crematory urns in a cemetery a grave marker or headstone may be more appropriate.

Inurnment of Crematory Urns

Inurnment of crematory urns is the process of placing the crematory urn in a permanent or semi-permanent resting place. Options open to the bereaved for inurnment of crematory urns include placement of the crematory urn within a columbarium niche or mausoleum. Alternatively, inurnment in a dedicated urn garden where crematory urns are placed above ground as a memorial may be preferred.

With several other options open to the bereaved for the final disposition of crematory urns - including burial or placement of the crematory urn within their own garden - crematory urns represent a special and very personal way in which to memorialize the life of loved ones passed away.