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What is Cremation Urn Jewelry?

Cremation urn jewelry are keepsake jewelry items in which a small amount of cremated remains from a loved one may be kept. They come in the form of pendants and lockets that are suspended from necklaces or chains, and offer a very personal way to connect to the memories of those who have passed away.

Cremation urn jewelry has been in existence for centuries. In pre-Roman times across Europe cremation urn jewelry was regularly worn by the bereaved, as well as buried with the cremated remains of the dead. As keepsake items, cremation urn jewelry rose to popularity in the Victorian era. Many elaborate designs of cremation urn jewelry emerged during this time, including cremation urn jewelry depicting churches, gardens and waterfalls.

Popular Types of Cremation Urn Jewelry

Cremation urn jewelry today consists of many beautiful jewelry pieces. Silver, gold and a wide variety of precious and semiprecious gem stones are regularly employed to create exquisite keepsake items in a variety of styles.

Pendants in the shape of a heart that can be worn around the neck on a chain are among the most popular types of cremation urn jewelry currently available. The heart pendant may be made of sterling silver or gold, and have gem stones set within it.

Heart-shaped cremation urn jewelry on which a miniature image of a loved one is displayed are popular too. The image is transferred onto the pendant background by way of laser engraving technology. This technology insures that unlike a photograph the image will not fade over time, offering the bereaved a path to remembrance that will always be as strong and as true as the day that it was created.