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The Dual Life of Ceramic Urns

Capable of bringing life to a room and dignity to a memorial garden, ceramic urns are highly adaptable articles that rarely seem out of place. No matter what visible function they are asked to perform, the intricate artwork adorning the glazed surfaces of a ceramic urn insures a vivid memorialization of life like no other type of urn can provide. Each one an individual work of art in its own right, a ceramic urn is as unique as the personality of the life being celebrated, and so without question perfectly honors the sense of character of a loved one who has now departed.

There are essentially two types of ceramic urns available to purchase online - production cast ceramic urns and hand thrown ceramic urns.

Production Cast Ceramic Urns

Production cast ceramic urns, as their name implies, are ceramic urns that have been mass produced. The base clay from which the ceramic urn is formed is fed through a production line in a factory, the urn shape being created by machine molds. Before the ceramic urns are glazed they are hand-decorated using stencils. Alternatively, some production cast ceramic urns are hand-decorated to a pre-formed design by a team of artists.

Hand Thrown Ceramic Urns

Hand thrown ceramic urns are made in the traditional way by a potter using a potter's wheel. The hand thrown ceramic urn will then be hand-decorated, fired and glazed, sometimes using traditional techniques that have been in existence for centuries. All hand thrown ceramic urns are unique - a value cherished by many buyers considering the purchase of a ceramic urn to memorialize their loved ones.

Whether production cast or hand thrown, ceramic urns are suitable for display as ornaments or for interment in a garden of remembrance or placement in a columbarium niche. They offer buyers a beautiful and distinctive way to remember the life of the deceased, and also provide a pathway for gaining closure in bereavement.