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Burial Urns: Burying The Ashes of
Someone You Love

A question asked by many people when considering the purchase of an urn is "can I bury the urn?" The answer to this question is 'yes'. There are many different designs of burial urns available to the public, all of which can be used for the interment of ashes below ground. It is important to note from the outset however that there are two very distinct categories of burial urns, these being permanent burial urns and non-permanent or biodegradable burial urns.

Permanent Burial Urns

Permanent burial urns when buried do not disintegrate over time. Instead they remain unaffected by natural forces, protecting the cremated remains inside for eternity. Bronze, marble, ceramic, metal and cloisonne burial urns are all suitable for this purpose. For additional urn security it is advisable that all urns be placed in urn burial vaults before the process of interment begins. Urn burial vaults create a secondary level of protection for the urn. They safeguard the burial urn and cremains against accidental damage that may be caused by human activity on the burial site in the future. Urn burial vaults also allow more degradable burial urns to be used as permanent burial urns, protecting them from deterioration over time.

Non-Permanent / Biodegradable Burial Urns

Biodegradable burial urns are becoming increasingly popular in the funeral industry. The material out of which the urns are constructed are allowed to decompose over time. This gradually releases the cremains / ashes into the soil, the material of the burial urn fully degenerating to leave no trace of its existence. Biodegradable burial urns represent an environmentally friendly solution for the burial of cremated remains. For the deceased, biodegradable urns are their legacy to preserve the environment for future generations.

Further Considerations For Burial Urns

Before purchasing a burial urn it is worth considering where the urn shall be buried. There are many choices open to you including cemeteries, crematory memorial gardens and columbariums. Alternatively, you may consider burial in the grounds of your home or on public land. Please be aware though that some state or local laws may prohibit this so it is wise to first check.