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Angel Urns: A Heavenly Memorial

Angels - the divine messengers of God - have been referred to for centuries in the memorialization of loved ones who have passed away. For the bereaved, angels depicted on memorials or adorning angel urns symbolize a peaceful transition of the deceased to God. They bring an inner solace and calm to the bereaved, and a knowledge that the departed will be guided towards heaven.

Angel Urns for Interment and Inurnment

Angels are God's servants. With such symbolic power, it is little surprise that angel urns are popular amongst the bereaved who wish to memorialize their dearly departed. Funeral urn manufacturers now offer an extensive range of angel urns in a variety of materials for buyers to choose from. Types of angel urns for sale include: -

Cast Bronze Angel Urns: Made from solid bronze, a cast bronze angel urn is sculpted to form the image of an angel. Strong and extremely durable, these everlasting angel urns tend to have a removable plate at their base in which the cremated remains may be secreted. It is also normal for the bronze surface of these types of angel urn to be treated with a patina, giving each angel urn a green / brown appearance.

Cultured Material Angel Urns: Comprising an admixture of material, cultured angel urns are very popular with the bereaved. A variety of urn designs are available where angels are depicted both in the traditional style and in a more cherub-like style. Cultured material angel urns sporting a marble effect are much sought-after, and make for a more affordable alternative than their solid marble counterparts.

Angel urns are suitable for interment / burial or inurnment in a memorial gardens or columbarium niche. Whichever function they are chosen to perform, an angel urn is a beautiful and rather humbling means of memorializing the life of the deceased.