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Urns: A Complete Guide to Choosing Urns Online

As vessels in which to hold cremated remains, urns have a long and illustrious history. Cremation urns were in use more than 4000 years ago in some parts of the world, ancient civilizations depositing the urn along with other goods in a grave to mark the passing of a loved one. Today, urns offer the opportunity for family and friends of the deceased to personalize their memories of departed ones. It can bring comfort in mourning and provide an everlasting memorial to celebrate the life of those who have left this Earth.

A Variety of Urns Available For Purchase

There are many different types of urns available to the public today. From the traditional bronze urn to highly decorative urns of marble and ceramic, the choice facing buyers can be quite bewildering at times. To prevent the selection of urns for sale becoming overwhelming buyers may find it helpful to first think about what they would like to do with the urn and the cremains. For example, if the ashes from the urn are to be scattered at sea, a biodegradable urn that may be cast into the water would be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, if the urn is to be the center of an outdoor memorial display then one fabricated from a more resilient material should be considered.

The urn descriptions below should assist you in your navigation of the various urns available for sale online:

Decorative Urns For Indoor Use:

For understated elegance silver, copper and bronze urns should be chosen. These types of urns are very affordable too. More elaborate designs include marble urns, ceramic urns and cloisonne urns.

Decorative Urns For Outdoor Use:

For a permanent outdoor memorial, urns that are durable and hard-wearing are highly recommended. Bronze urns are certainly a favorite as they weather well.

Urns For Burial:

Most urns available online can be buried. To preserve non-biodegradable urns during interment it is highly recommended that the urn be enclosed within a burial vault. If a biodegradable urn is chosen it will disintegrate within approximately one-year of burial, gently releasing the cremated remains into the earth.

Themed Urns:

Do you want to remember the deceased through an urn that captures their love of golf or angling? If so, a themed urn may be appropriate.

Religious Urns:

Religion and faith play important roles in the lives of many of us. Urns echoing religious beliefs are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Youth & Infant Urns:

The death of a child or infant can be particularly hard to bear. Sympathetic urns designed to celebrate the life of a child or infant may therefore be appropriate.

What Is Cremation Urn Jewelry?
Cremation urn jewelry are keepsake jewelry items in which a small amount of cremated remains from a loved one may be kept. They come in the form of pendants and lockets that are suspended from necklaces or chains, and offer a very personal way to connect to the memories of those who have passed away.

Funeral Cremation Urns: A Focus for Moving Forward with Life
The death of a family member is an ordeal that most of us will go through more than once in our lifetimes. Dealing with such a loss and the range of emotions experienced in the minutes, hours, weeks and months afterwards is possibly the toughest challenge that we'll face.